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SAFELipo360 is comprehensive body contouring that combines fat removal and equalization with targeted fat grafting to reshape the midsection, lower back, and buttocks. SAFELipo360 safely and effectively “shrink-wraps” the entire waist and can also be used to treat fat in the bra area and inner and outer thighs, and give the buttocks a lifted, more athletic shape.

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What Is Comprehensive Body Contouring?

Many plastic surgeons use liposuction only for spot treatments to reduce fat in specific areas of the body. With SAFELipo360, surgeons address the front and back along with the buttocks and thighs. Patients whose skin retains most of its elasticity can see remarkable results with SAFELipo360 alone; however, it is also an excellent complement to a tummy tuck.

Combining SAFELipo360 with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a truly transformative approach that not only removes excess skin—often left after significant weight loss or pregnancy—but also contours and shapes the back, waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs all together, all the way around the body. This is in addition to creating a three-dimensional and contoured abdomen with an impeccable belly button and an easily concealed abdominoplasty incision.

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SAFELipo Provides Exceptional Safety & Results

  • Optimizing fat removal
  • Comprehensive body contouring
  • Preserving vascular integrity
  • Maximizing skin retraction
  • Minimizing the potential for complications
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Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL)

EVL is a revolutionary fat grafting technique that enhances the results of the comprehensive body contouring produced by SAFELipo360. Because it enables surgeons to safely and effectively transfer larger volumes of fat than other fat grafting techniques, it’s especially useful for butt lift procedures. Using power-assisted cannulas, surgeons pre-expand the tissues in the graft area to make space for the transferred fat to live entirely in the subcutaneous space without disrupting the deeper muscles. This allows the surgeon to graft fat exactly where he or she wants it—even in “tight” areas or those that have previously been inhospitable to grafted fat, such as the mid-buttock.

How Is SAFELipo360 Performed?

Even though many women and men consider getting liposuction to target a specific area of the body, SAFELipo surgeons use SAFELipo360 to sculpt, shape, enhance, and define the natural curves and angles for an attractive 360-degree silhouette.

The key to getting optimal results is the combination of SAFELipo’s unique 3-step process with expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL), a groundbreaking fat grafting technique developed by SAFELipo’s originator, Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.  The 3 steps involved in SAFELipo are:

Separation: The surgeon uses a vibrating cannula in power-assisted liposuction (PAL) to gently separate fat globules from each other without damaging blood vessels or adjacent tissue. This non-thermal technique does not pose the risks associated with liposuction procedures that use laser, ultrasound, or radiofrequency energy.

Aspiration: With SAFELipo, suctioning fat is completed with smaller, thinner cannulas than typically used, leaving behind a thin, healthy layer of fat that’s essential for creating smooth results. This less traumatic approach keeps blood vessels intact and greatly reduces or eliminates bruising, decreases swelling after surgery, and prevents excessive internal scarring.

Fat Equalization: The fat layer that remains after the surgeon aspirates the targeted fat globules provides a barrier that prevents skin from attaching to the underlying fascia of the muscle. Preventing this adhesion is the key to producing smooth results free from contour irregularities that can appear as dimpled, wavy, and uneven skin.

Innovative Fat Grafting Technique Honored

A research paper describing expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL) was named “Best United States Paper 2018” by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, one of the most prestigious journals in all of surgery. EVL is a technique used as part of SAFELipo’s 3-step process, enhancing the safety, comfort, and results of large-volume fat grafting, including for Brazilian butt lift procedures.

You can read the research paper here.

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