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Since SAFELipo® originator Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. developed the groundbreaking liposuction procedure, he has continued to refine and customize the procedure. The SAFELipo technique now encompasses a suite of techniques designed to accomplish specific results based on the individual patient’s needs.

SAFELipo and expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL) have revolutionized liposuction and fat grafting procedures, enabling surgeons to perform these procedures in a way that’s safer with enhanced results. SAFELipo now includes:

New Study:

SAFELipo Provides Exceptional Safety & Results

  • Optimizing fat removal
  • Comprehensive body contouring
  • Preserving vascular integrity
  • Maximizing skin retraction
  • Minimizing the potential for complications
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Plastic surgeons throughout the U.S. and worldwide are certified SAFELipo providers, and we continually offer courses for surgeons who want to introduce this comprehensive body contouring approach to their practices. Use the links below to register for an upcoming course, read what SAFELipo surgeons say about the technique, and learn more about SAFELipo.

A Conversation With Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.
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Innovative Fat Grafting Technique Honored

A research paper describing expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL) was named “Best United States Paper 2018” by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, one of the most prestigious journals in all of surgery. EVL is a technique used as part of SAFELipo’s 3-step process, enhancing the safety, comfort, and results of large-volume fat grafting, including for Brazilian butt lift procedures.

You can read the research paper here.

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