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An increasing number of surgeons around the country are offering the latest enhancement to traditional liposuction techniques, SAFELipo®. Due to its innovative nature, you probably have many questions about this remarkable body contouring method.

Questions about SAFELipo

Why is SAFELipo referred to as a body contouring process and not a liposuction procedure?

Liposuction – the removal of fat from the body – is only part of SAFELipo. The SAFELipo process includes fat redistribution/grafting/shifting, liposuction, skin tightening and contour deformity correction for a comprehensive reshaping of the entire treated area.

I’ve heard a lot about “laser lipo.” Is that type of liposuction safe?

‘Laser lipo’, like all thermal liposuction methods, uses tremendous heat to burn and coagulate targeted fat for removal. The unfortunate by-product of this heat is burning and coagulation of the blood vessels and supporting tissues that keep the skin and remaining fat healthy and supple. An inflammatory process follows the death of these cells, which leads to dermal adhesion and scarring. In rare cases, these burns can be so severe as to actually burn through the outer skin leaving horrific scars. Ultimately, this heat-generated trauma can result in the contour irregularities often associated with a “bad” liposuction outcome, with wavy, uneven skin that appears damaged and unnatural.

New Study:

SAFELipo Provides Exceptional Safety & Results

  • Optimizing fat removal
  • Comprehensive body contouring
  • Preserving vascular integrity
  • Maximizing skin retraction
  • Minimizing the potential for complications
More on the study

What exactly is power-assisted liposuction (PAL)?

Power-assisted liposuction uses a vibrating cannula. The vibrations allow for the passage of the cannula through the tissues with much less force than is typically required with other forms of liposuction. This refined method allows for a precise, controlled and smooth technique that allows the surgeon to “sculpt” the tissues as opposed to “punishing” them with brute force. This means the surgeon can free the targeted fat globules from surrounding tissues more gently. Also, since PAL generates no heat, there is no thermal trauma, and no risk of a burn. Although SAFELipo can be performed without PAL, the PAL device makes it faster and more efficient.

“In my opinion, SAFELipo is the safest and most effective [liposuction] technique offered.”

Dr. Adam Basner

I had a previous body contouring procedure, and I’m not happy with my results. Can SAFELipo help?

Absolutely. SAFELipo was developed specifically for revision liposuction. SAFELipo is highly effective at correcting unsatisfactory outcomes of previous body contouring surgeries. However, you must be evaluated by one of our surgeons in order to assess whether or not you are a candidate.

How much does SAFELipo cost?

Because each patient has different needs, and each surgeon has his or her own fee structure, the price of each SAFELipo procedure will vary. However, because of the SAFELipo surgeons’ ability to perform more thorough removal of excess fat and more dramatic contouring of the treatment areas – as well as the fact that only highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons are recommended SAFELipo surgeons – you may find that SAFELipo costs a bit more than many other body contouring procedures. The comprehensive, transformative results – not to mention the potential advantage of avoiding repeat procedures – make it worth the extra cost to satisfied SAFELipo patients.

What parts of my body will SAFELipo work on?

SAFELipo will work on any part of the face or body where liposuction is typically performed. This includes the circumferential trunk, circumferential thighs and legs, breasts, upper back, arms, face and neck. SAFELipo is excellent for fat grafting procedures such as SAFELipo BBL buttock augmentation.

Innovative Fat Grafting Technique Honored

A research paper describing expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL) was named “Best United States Paper 2018” by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, one of the most prestigious journals in all of surgery. EVL is a technique used as part of SAFELipo’s 3-step process, enhancing the safety, comfort, and results of large-volume fat grafting, including for Brazilian butt lift procedures.

You can read the research paper here.

How long will my SAFELipo procedure take?

The duration of your particular procedure will vary according to the areas treated, the presence of scar tissue and many other factors. In general, SAFELipo is applied comprehensively to body areas, usually treating circumferentially, as opposed to “spot” treatments commonly seen with other methods. SAFELipo is also frequently utilized in combination with other cosmetic procedures, such as tummy tucks, breast lifts, facelifts and breast enhancement. Surgeries can range from less than half an hour to many hours, depending on their extent and complexity.

How long after having SAFELipo can I go back to my regular routine?

Your recuperation period will also vary depending on the details and extent of your SAFELipo procedure. SAFELipo patients typically go back to work after a few days and, in many cases, may feel normal within 1 week. You should be able to return to your exercise regimen after 2 weeks. If your procedure is combined with a more extensive procedure like a tummy tuck, recovery time can be longer.

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