SAFELipo® for
Liposuction Correction

Transform the unsatisfactory results of previous liposuction surgeries into a smooth, even contour with SAFELipo.

SAFELipo isn't just an effective and safe way to improve the unnatural contours and wavy, lumpy skin associated with unsuccessful prior procedures; it's an unprecedented body contouring method that allows surgeons to obtain dramatic, smooth and consistent results for first-time and revision patients alike. Additionally, SAFELipo procedures routinely incorporate redistributing fat (fat shifting) and fat grafting to enhance and refine body shaping results. For patients, this means less bruising, less discomfort, quicker recovery and significantly improved results compared with other liposuction techniques many surgeons have used in the past.

Why Correction?

Actual PatientLiposuction using lasers, radiofrequency or ultrasound kills fat cells by creating excessive heat. Unfortunately, the heat from these widely marketed techniques also kills the delicate blood vessels, support structures, and skin that surround the targeted fat cells. A successful liposuction surgery with natural-looking results requires these tissues to remain alive and healthy. Damaging them can lead to scarring, dermal adhesion and, ultimately, skin that appears tethered and unnatural, with a wavy, lumpy, uneven surface.

SAFELipo was developed specifically for corrective liposuction patients in the early 2000s. Upon examining numerous patients, SAFELipo originator Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. observed that past liposuctions performed with thermal devices, as well as some conventional methods, had often led to thick beds of scar tissue, limiting accessibility and making repeat procedures extremely difficult. Now available from surgeons trained by Dr. Wall Jr., SAFELipo's pioneering 3-step process is a direct response to the challenges presented by repeat-lipo cases. SAFELipo is now available from board-certified or board eligible plastic surgeons trained by Dr. Wall Jr. himself.

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A Fresh Start

The key to the overwhelmingly successful results SAFELipo surgeons have achieved with correction liposuction lies in the first and third steps of this comprehensive technique. Using power-assisted liposuction (PAL), which generates no heat, the SAFELipo surgeon loosens, emulsifies and separates the targeted fat using specialized probes and dissectors. The surgeon can remove this emulsified fat easily through a smaller cannula, minimizing unnecessary intrusion and keeping surrounding tissues intact. The gentle nature of this step reduces scarring and leaves a healthy bed of tissue for the thin layer of subcutaneous fat that will blanket the area, creating a smooth surface without waves or lumps.

After removing the unwanted fat without damaging the delicate blood vessels surrounding the fat layer, the surgeon completes the SAFELipo procedure by equalizing the remaining subcutaneous fat layer, again using specialized, fat-grabbing probes, into an even layer that buffers the surgery site from the outlying skin and prevents it from adhering to the tissue beneath. The result is a silky-smooth appearance free of dimples, waves, irregularities or other imperfections typically seen with other forms of liposuction.


I had a previous body contouring procedure, and I'm not happy with my results. Can SAFELipo help?

Absolutely. SAFELipo was developed specifically for revision liposuction. SAFELipo is highly effective at correcting unsatisfactory outcomes of previous body contouring surgeries. However, you must be evaluated by one of our surgeons in order to assess whether or not you are a candidate.

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