SAFELipo® empowers plastic surgeons to achieve vastly improved body contouring results without many of the complications common to other methods of liposuction.

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. developed this comprehensive body reshaping method in response to the unique challenges he encountered when performing revision liposuction, and found it to be advantageous to all of his body contouring patients.

Due to the remarkable success of SAFELipo, Dr. Wall has been encouraged to train other physicians in the process. Only board-certified or board eligible plastic surgeons are invited to attend and complete the training. Dr. Wall maintains a rigorous national and international seminar schedule through which he trains his peers in the SAFELipo method. Hear what some of these professionals have to say about the benefits of performing – and undergoing – SAFELipo.

I've used every type of technology available and the results don't measure up to SAFELipo. While I had every option available, I chose SAFELipo."

– Dr. Patrick Proffer

Physicians Praise SAFELipo

Dr. Eric Desman, M.D.

I am extremely excited to bring this revolutionary liposuction technique to my patients and to the Washington DC metro area.

Stephen E. Zucker, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Wall's contribution to plastic surgery through SAFELipo is impressive. I have visited the Wall Center in Shreveport, and since my visit I have been using SAFELipo exclusively as my liposuction technique. It is an extremely valuable treatment with multiple applications, and it is particularly powerful when combined with abdominoplasty. The ability to safely liposuction the trunk in a circumferential fashion with minimal bruising, low scars, excellent skin retraction, and narrowing of the waist, is a uniquely gratifying combination of maneuvers, which returns a superb result in a reproducible fashion. The visible effect is striking, and delivers much more than the sum of its parts.

SAFELipo, when applied to gynecomastia consistently yields superior results with even contours and conservative scars in a fashion not possible before.

SAFELipo promises to be a platform for future developments, which will doubtless yield more rewards to our patients as time progresses.

Daniel Del Vecchio, M.D.

SAFELipo has changed my life in both body contouring and fat transplantation. The concept of separating fat from its surrounding connective tissue you without suctioning it out at the same time reduces contour irregularities and improves fat flow during Liposuction. Equalization also helps smooth out potential irregularities and allows skin to retract by releasing ligamentous bands. It is the biggest game changer in body contouring I have experienced since the concept of tumescent liposuction in the late 1980s.

James Grotting, M.D.

SAFELipo has quite simply been a "game-changer" for my practice. It has replaced every other technique that we previously used (and we have experience with them all!). It is a powerful technique without the risk of tissue injury from energy-based methods. I love doing liposuction again!

Michael Scheflan, M.D.

For the last 5 years SAFELipo is the way I do all my liposuction and lipofilling procedures. It has greatly impacted my lipoabdominoplasty outcomes as well as me ability to revise complex liposuction patients. The Separation and Fat Equalization components of this surgical technique helps regularize aspiration, prevent skin irregularities and promote tightening and surface smoothness.

Dustin Reid, M.D.

SAFElipo has significantly changed my liposuction practice. It has allowed for more predictable results, better contours, and a less traumatic recovery for the patient. Naturally, this has led to even greater satisfaction with results for both my patients and I.

Steven Zoellner, M.D.

I have listened to Dr. Wall present his SAFELipo technique for body contouring at various meetings as well as read about it and personally observed him perform it. Previously in my practice, I have used standard liposuction, as well as ultrasonic liposuction for my body contouring procedures. Now that I use the SAFELipo, I have observed that I have a more thorough fat removal with better shaping, which particularly compliments my abdominoplasty results. Additionaly, using SAFELipo with a power assisted device is much less expensive as compared to ultrasonic or laser devices for liposuction.

David E. Marcus, M.D.

By now, most of you have probably seen Dr. Simeon Wall's SAFELipo results at one conference or another. Intrigued by the results, I visited The Wall Plastic Surgery Center two years ago to watch Simeon perform surgery. I have been using SAFELipo exclusively since then. (Anyone interested in a Smartlipo Triplex I never use?)

On the one hand, you have to know that Simeon and Holly Wall are not just good plastic surgeons, they are extraordinary. Consequently, my expectations were conservative. Therein lies the beauty of SAFELipo. If performed as described by Dr. Wall, it is completely reproducible. I find it accurate, bloodless, versatile and actually fun. I receive so much tactile feedback from the basket cannulas that I truly feel like I can sculpt any area. Skin retraction is above average, and at least as significant as what I was seeing with the Smartlipo technology. With SAFELipo, my results are much smoother and more uniform. I use the technique every time I perform liposuction. I have found it particularly useful in lipo abdominoplasty cases as the fat removal is so complete and even that removal of the subscarpal fat is practically done for you. Surprisingly, typically challenging areas such as the arms and inner thighs are far easier with the basket cannulas also.

I remain eternally grateful to Simeon Wall for introducing SAFELipo. I am 100% satisfied with the technique after years of searching. The capital investment is minimal and all you have to lose is your habit of dealing with less than ideal liposuction results. (But, if you don't try it, want to buy my SmartLipo Triplex?)

Adam Basner, M.D.

I had the privilege of visiting Dr. Simeon Wall's office and seeing firsthand the SAFELipo technique. I have adopted this technique in my practice and I have found it to have minimal irregularities and excellent outcomes. It has dramatically improved my liposuction results.  My patients are extremely happy with the results and, in my opinion, SAFELipo is the safest and most effective technique offered. 

I would highly recommend this technique as it has changed my practice and produced exceptional results for my patients.

Dr. Wall's SAFELipo technique is without question one of the most important advances I've seen in my 24 years in practice."

– Dr. Bruce Van Natta

Patrick Proffer, M.D.

SAFELipo completely changed liposuction in my practice. It affords me the feel and control to be able to deliver smooth, aggressive results. I've used every type of technology available and the results don't measure up to SAFELipo.  

I'm also a SAFELipo patient. I can personally vouch for the unbelievable results. While I had every option available, I chose SAFELipo.

Bruce Van Natta, M.D.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, my practice is predominantly cosmetic and involves a good deal of body contouring. Over the years I had progressed from standard liposuction to ultrasound assisted liposuction. Two years ago I saw Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.'s presentation on his SAFELipo technique and instantly saw the potential to advance to another level. Never before had I seen a technique that would allow sculpting and blending into adjacent areas as SAFELipo does. After returning from the meeting I contacted Dr. Wall's office about the possibility of a visit to learn more.

After spending time observing I returned to Indianapolis and began to use the technique. Within a few weeks after seeing patients back in follow-up I knew that SAFELipo was a game changer. My staff noticed the difference as well. SAFELipo has allowed me to be more aggressive in treating areas with a greater degree of skin laxity than I would have previously, such as arms. By leaving the access sites open as Dr. Wall suggests, we see much less swelling and bruising at the first post-op visit than with our previous techniques.

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon I strive to get the best outcomes for my patients. I am always evaluating new techniques and associated data to determine whether or not I should consider adding them to my practice. Dr. Wall's SAFELipo technique is without question one of the most important advances I've seen in my 24 years in practice.

J. Martin English, M.D.

My first exposure to SAFELipo was a presentation by Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. at a plastic surgery meeting on body contouring several years ago. In my estimation, his results were excellent and the best shown at the meeting, so I became interested in finding out more about SAFELipo. When I see excellent results at a meeting, I like to visit the surgeon where he works to find out more about the procedure, and to determine if it is something that I can use to bring better results to my patients. I contacted Dr. Wall, and he and his staff were extremely nice and helpful in arranging for a visit.

During my visit everyone was very accommodating, and it was very helpful in determining for me that SAFELipo was a procedure that I wanted to incorporate into my body contouring techniques. Since that time, it has become my favored liposuction technique for overall contour improvement and the best technique, in my hands, for circumferential trunk/torso rejuvenation, using it with or without skin tightening procedures such as abdominoplasty. It is technique- and time-dependent, but it does not require the use of a specialized machine such as with ultrasonic or laser techniques. SAFELipo produces, for me and my patients, better overall body contouring results as compared with other techniques that I have used.

Arno Schleich, M.D.

In all of plastic and aesthetic surgery liposuction (and I prefer the term liposculpture) to me is a unique procedure. It does not require much technical brilliance. In my opinion, it depends on a balanced combination of technology and artistic capability. One can do without the former, but not without the latter. Naturally, my evolution became a quest for technological and artistic refinement.

In due course I have tried about all technical gadgets on the market, but with the exception of power assisted liposuction I did not find any of them useful. They just exist to provide the illusion of artistic capability to operators (and their patients), who do not really have it.

So for a couple of years I thought I would just stick with PAL for the technology part - until I remembered a talk Dr. Simeon Wall had given at a meeting a couple of years ago. So I started to reread some of his papers about the technique and technology and had the cannulas custom made for my PAL equipment. It was probably hybris, but I just went through the steps of fat separation, aspiration and equalization. Even with that amount of training and preparation (or lack thereof) I achieved noticeable improvements in procedures I find difficult - male chest walls, revision liposuctions, periumbilical area in liposuction of the torso, inner thighs.

So this appeared to be a venue worth pursuing. A visit to Dr. Wall's center in Shreveport was arranged and I had the opportunity to see the procedure performed by its originator while receiving insights into the finesse points, which I think can only be gained during personal interaction.

Since that time I use the SAFE technique in close to 90% of my primary and all revision liposuctions. I find it extremely useful and I think my results got better. There are still issues I am working on, particularly the extent of separation and the degree of fat equalization (How much? When to stop? What are the endpoints?). Dr. Wall has been very kind in supporting my learning process through discussions and explanations. I feel I am achieving now a certain degree of consistency and my results become more predictable - and overall much better than ever before adopting the SAFE technique.

Louis Bucky, M.D.

After watching Dr. Wall's presentation, I started utilizing SafeLipo in my practice. The logic, simplicity and outstanding long-term results have made it the best advance in my liposuction practice. Dr. Wall's experience is easily transferrable and has led to a nice improvement in the outcomes for my liposuction and revision liposuction patients.

David Kaufman, M.D.

I have found SAFELipo to be a game changer. It has allowed me to consistently produce exceptional results, across a variety of body types. SAFE liposuction adheres to the principles of plastic surgery, "replacing like with like," "gentle tissue handling," and "never burning any bridges." It just makes so much more sense than blindly sticking in a laser or an ultrasound and burning whatever is in the way! Patients' recoveries have been improved and uniformly they are thrilled with their outcomes. The results speak for themselves.

The Next Step

If you are a patient interested in SAFELipo, we can help you find a doctor who is trained to perform this remarkable process. If you are a doctor looking for more information, please contact us online or call The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery at 318-795-0801.

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