SAFELipo® Case 303

Surgeon: Dr. David Kaufman





This 40-year-old man wanted to improve the appearance of his mid abdomen. He had previously undergone surgery where a large vertical scar was created in order to access his spleen. Dr. Kaufman performed an abdominoplasty with circumferential SAFElipo. Six months after his original procedure, we revised his central scar. Results here are shown one year after surgery. He has worked really hard with diet and exercise to lose weight and firm up. Nothing like working in partnership with your patients to produce awesome outcomes.

Patient Gender: Male

Remember that each patient is unique and results may vary. These photos show actual SAFELipo patients who have provided consent to display their pictures online.

If you like the SAFELipo results you see, we can help you find a doctor that has been trained by SAFELipo originator Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. to perform this remarkable body contouring process. We encourage you to help communicate your goals and expectations by printing your favorite photos and bringing them to your consultation.

Case 303

Surgeon: Dr. David Kaufman



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