Officially-Trained SAFELipo® Doctors in Indiana

Only a select group of doctors performs SAFELipo. All providers listed here are board-certified or board eligible plastic surgeons (or the international equivalent) who have completed SAFELipo training with Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., the originator of this innovative body contouring technique. It is important to understand that SAFELipo is not a device, it is an advanced technique that requires specialized training to:

  • Optimize fat removal
  • Provide comprehensive body contouring
  • Preserve vascular integrity
  • Maximize skin retraction
  • Minimize complications

When performed by an expertly-trained physician, SAFELipo safely provides smooth, even, dramatic changes in contour.

Dr. Bruce VanNatta
170 West 106th St
Indianapolis, IN 46290

Dr Stephen Zucker

Dr. Stephen E. Zucker
621 Memorial Drive Suite 511
South Bend, IN 46601

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